Our Founder

When Moroni Charles and Morales Valbrun met, they recognized that they both had a strong desire to give back to their communities in a country they love so much. They shared ideas of ways to serve those that need it most in throughout Haiti, and soon the MO-RONI Foundation was formed. Morales and Moroni created this service-oriented organization in order to give opportunities to others that they may not have had themselves. Through their efforts, they work to provide educational opportunities, strengthen communities, and offer opportunities where children can take a break from their demanding daily tasks and just be kids.


Through the efforts of all who support the work of the MO-RONI Foundation, Haiti will continue to move forward to be even stronger.

Moroni Charles

Moroni was grew up in Southern Haiti, living in Camp Perrin as a young child, and then moving to Les Cayes. Life quickly changed for Moroni at the age of 12 when his father suddenly died. As the oldest of seven children, Moroni took on many of the roles his father used to fill, which meant sacrificing school, friends, and the opportunity to be a child so he could help his mom sell fruit in the street markets so they could earn enough to feed the family each evening. It was through these (and many more) trying times that Moroni developed his strong work ethic, his serving heart, and his never-ending gratitude for those in his life who gave to him what he and his family was not able to provide for themselves, despite all their efforts.

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Morales Valbrun

Morales Valbrun was born in Haiti and was raised by his grandmother at a very young age due to the passing of his birth mother at the age of 3yrs old.

Morales was then sent to Florida where he attend school and graduated from Deerfield Beach High. Morales went on to study Business Administration after graduation and is now a business owner / Tax Professional of Royal Financial Multi-service in Broward County.

Morales has always been passionate in giving back to the less fortunate and is always looking forward to the opportunity in helping others.

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